Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An introduction: About this blog

Domestic spaces surround us, and in our daily lives are vibrant, living things.  Yet historic house museums (as well as period rooms in art and history museums) have struggled to be relevant in a changing society. 

Connecticut Landmarks, an organization that owns twelve significant historic properties in Connecticut, has grappled with these challenges, and has developed an interpretive planning team to re-examine the historic house museum experience and its relevance to increasingly diverse American audiences. 

This blog shares with the greater museum field the process we have taken to find community at the Joshua Hempsted House in New London, Connecticut.  The contributors to the blog include the interpretive planning team as well as individuals that participate in various stages of audience research.  Museum professionals will be able to see the twists and turns of our research and planning, and share their thoughts, feedback, and experiences to the process. 

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